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      國軒高科新建鋰電池60GWh產線電芯設備(二)集中采購招標公告Tender Announcement for the Centralized Procurement of Cell Equipment for the New 60GWh Lithium Battery Production Line of Gotion High-Tech

      1.招標條件 Tender conditions


        This project is the centralized procurement project of cell equipment (II) for the new 60GWh lithium battery production line of Gotion High-Tech, and is now open for bidding. We invite interested bidders to submit bids and provide documents stipulated below!Bidders (hereinafter referred to as applicants) who meet the qualification and eligibility requirements will be formally invited to participate in this tender.      


        Tender unit: Hefei Gotion High-tech Power Energy Co.,Ltd.


        Tender number: GXGKZB0222078

      2.項目概況與招標范圍 Project overview and tender scope


        Project name: Gotion High-tech new lithium battery 60GWh production line cell equipment (II) centralized procurement project.

        2.2招標內容 Tender content



        Implementation location: China. Hefei、 Socialist Republic of Vietnam、United States of America


        Funding source: Implemented

      3.申請人資格要求Applicant qualification requirements


        The pre-qualification requires that the applicant should be a legally and financially independent juridical person or organization registered in accordance with the law, a juridical person or other organization from the People's Republic of China or a country or region with which the People's Republic of China has normal trade relations can bid;


        The bidding entity should have design experience in the lithium industry consistent with this tender equipment, and have the performance and mature cases in the lithium industry in the past 3 years, as well as a good reputation for after-sales service;


        The applicant shall have a valid business license and the registered capital shall be RMB 10 million and above;


        The original credit certificate issued by the applicant's bank within 3 months before the opening date of the tender or a copy of the original;


        The applicant must be a general VAT payer, capable of issuing VAT invoices, and provide relevant supporting documents;


        The applicant should be familiar with the standards and requirements of export equipment, and can have the qualification and experience of import and export of equipment, and have the ability to pass CE and other relevant certifications throughout the design, installation, commissioning and delivery of the production line;


        The applicant should have a professional production line design team with the ability to assess the risk of production line equipment, and must provide a risk assessment report of the designed production line equipment before the technical agreement of production line equipment is locked;


        The applicant shall have sufficient equipment capacity and commissioning site, complete the processing and production of equipment within the specified time, and complete the online commissioning of equipment before shipment.


        The applicant should have a professional project management team, and the project manager should have rich experience in lithium battery production line construction projects, and should ensure that the work of each time node of the project meets the project schedule requirements and quality requirements.


        The applicant's product model and technical solution configuration for bidding shall be confirmed by the audit of Hefei Gotion-Hightech Power Energy Co.,Ltd.


        Applicants shall pass the qualification audit of Hefei Gotion-Hightech Power Energy Co., Ltd. within the specified time, and the specific content, time and location of the audit shall be notified later, Only after passing the audit will they be allowed to participate the tender!


        Applicants must provide mature cases of similar projects from January 1, 2020 to the present (number ≥ 3, must be the mainstream of the industry's lithium battery factory mature cases), providing copies of contracts (including contract name, contract amount, contract signing date, contract seal page, acceptance certificate, etc. The contract provided shall be subject to the contract signing date; In case of framework contract, the framework contract plus order shall prevail. The original should be available for inspection), There is no serious breach of contract or major technical and quality problems in key parts during the contract period!

        3.13申請人不得存在下列情形之一 The applicant shall not be under any of the following circumstances:


          The applicant is ordered to cease operations or bankruptcy status;


          The applicant is suspended or disqualified from bidding;


          The applicant's property is reorganized, taken over, seized, seized or frozen;


          The applicant has fraudulently won the bid or serious breach of contract in the last 3 years;


          Applicants who have abandoned bids without cause or other breaches of contract within the last 3 years in our company;


          Two or more juridical persons with the same legal representative, parent company, wholly-owned subsidiary and its holding company, shall not participate in the bidding of this project at the same time;


        Applicants do not comply with other mandatory requirements of laws and regulations;

      4.報名須知 Registration instructions

        4.1報名時間自2022年06月10日起 至 2022年06月17日下午17:00(北京時間)止,逾期不予受理;

        Application time: from June 10, 2022 to June 17, 2022 at 17:00 (Beijing time), otherwise will not be accepted。

        4.2報名資料Registration information:


          Authorization letter from the juridical person, ID cards of both parties (copy), enterprise profile;


          Business License, Tax Registration Certificate, Organization Code of the People's Republic of China;


          System certification, technical qualification level and other relevant certificates;


          Proof of similar overseas and domestic project cases and supporting documents (provide scanned copies of contracts);


          Description of the enterprise profile and performance capability;


          Financial statement information of the last 3 years, and the proof of creditworthiness in Article 3.4 of the qualification requirements。


          This application, the above information stated, except for special remarks, are provided in copies, must be bound into a volume in order and stamped with the company's official seal, scanned copies sent to the following contact email (email body: project name + package name + full name of the company + contact person + cell phone + email), the original needs to be available for inspection;


        Our company will audit the applicants' qualifications,Only after passing the audit will they be allowed to participate the tender;

      5.發布公告的媒介 The medium of publishing the announcement


        The tender announcement will only be available on the tender platform of the official website of Gotion High-tech www.e2160.com, other media reproduction is invalid.

      6.聯系方式 Contact information


        Tender Unit: Hefei Gotion High-tech Power Energy Co.,Ltd.


        Address: No. 566, Huayuan Avenue, Baohe District, Hefei City, Anhui Province, China

        聯 系 人:陸  強

        Contact Person: Vic.lu

        手    機:13225852880

        Mobile phone:13225852880


        Supervision telephone: 0551-62100065


        E-mail: luqiang@gotion.com.cn

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